If you are viewing my blog, you probably support adoption like our family does.

This past month, I viewed an amazing documentary. I am excited to say it’s available for the general public to view. Please take 30 minutes to sit down and watch this. I promise you 180Movie will be life-changing and you’ll want to share it with everyone you know. It may cause your friends and family to make a 180 in their beliefs about abortion.

After watching it, I hope you’ll post your comments here about who you shared it with. Share it with people you know that are not pro-life. Like the people in this documentary, they may do a 180 from being pro-choice to an unwavering pro-life view. To find out more about this amazing documentary, visit the 180 Movie website at

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The Truth Exists

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2 Comments on “ IT’S OUT!!!”

  1. Carolyn Stafford Says:

    I am “Twice Born” and so am pro-life also. Thank you for 180movie. It made me cry, but also angry for the ignorance in our world. Satan is having a “party” with his lie concerning abortion. We, as a nation, are due for a revival or persecution or both. I am waiting and watching for my Lord to come back and make all things new.


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