Why Atheistic Antagonism?



Why Atheistic Antagonism?

There seems to be a logical fallacy in many atheists’ compulsion to attack Creationist thinking. Here’s why:

By definition, Evolution (via Natural Selection– “Survival of the Fittest”)’s logical conclusion would be that societal morals, our consciences, and the like are the result of the fact that people tend to survive better in groups. This would leave the individual with two choices in worldview– to cooperate with the society’s kindnesses and be a productive, humanistic member of society, or to take advantage of society’s kindness and manipulate the kindness of others to their own advantage.

There are, of course, subcategories of these which could explain an individual’s antagonistic behavior toward Creationism, and more specifically Christians in general– but these are merely biproducts of the individual’s disposition and overall worldview. Just because someone claims to be an atheist doesn’t necessarily mean their worldview revolves around their atheism– but surely it can’t help but be influenced by it.

Ultimately, whether an atheist’s disposition is geared toward a selfish worldview or a humanistic worldview, even if it be for purely pragmatic reasons, the logical thing would be to encourage people to believe in a higher moral authority for their actions– God. For the selfish worldview, people controlled by such morals would be easier to exploit. For the humanist, the morals would better help society in general.

The atheist’s conflicts with the Christian would then center more on political issues– and thus the focus of debate and energy would center on their interpretations of morality rather than on the existence of a Creator in general.

And yet, the “atheist” –by definition– consistently focuses their argument on the existence of God in general, revealing that the issue is not in fact the politics involved, but a desperate need to validate their insecurities of judgement by an infinitely holy God.

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