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Walking/Driving Contradictions



So there I was today, driving in the northbound lane of I-43 in Milwaukee. Beside me, the light blue minivan was in a hurry as it blew by me in the fast lane. I noticed the over abundance of bumper stickers on the back of the vehicle. I enjoy reading bumper stickers. I drive a lot for work and find it amusing to get a glimpse of the interests, character, theology (or lackthereof) and deepest inner thoughts of my co-drivers as we hustle to our next appointment or where ever we may be heading.

The first bumper sticker I noticed was at the bottom right of the vehicle. It was separated horizontally in half. On the top half were the words “PRO-CHILD” and below that the words “PRO-CHOICE”. Wha??

Ok, so this gets my attention. I'm a Bible believing, born-again Christian. I hate abortion. It disgusts me how this multi-billion dollar business fronts itself on the premise of “it's a woman's choice”. Let's just be honest and call it what it really is. Abortion is a convenience. Now sure, you can come at me with “Well, what if the woman is raped? Do you want her to have a memory of that awful moment for the rest of her life?” or “What about incest?” To that I say, with a heavy heart: “What does the Bible say about murder? What does our Lord tell us about children? Does He tell us that He is Creator of everything?” That's not snarky or meant to minimize the seriousness of the fictitious situation, but really, how can we think that murdering a child in the womb could possibly help the hurt? It doesn't make sense to me but that's ok. There's much more than just this that doesn't make sense to me in this crazy world.

Alright, back to the speedy minivan. As I said earlier, the first bumper sticker got my attention. Typically if someone flies by me on the highway I let them fly. Milwaukee traffic can be interesting though and to my surprise the minivan was in front of me once again. I look down at the left side of the bumper this time, still shaking my head about the message on the right side of the bumper, and my eyes squint to get the message of the green sticker of intelligence. My eyes go from squinting to disbelief. This bumper sticker is a four line worded message spewing…get this…an anti-war, pro-life message!!!

Now. Seriously.

So from the bumper stickers, this person is a fan of kids unless a woman chooses to kill them in the womb. Got it. This person also doesn't like war. Ok, that's understandable too. War is hell. I know first hand knowledge of this. However, what do you do with a dictator that is killing his people by the tens of thousands because they don't agree with him? Remember Saddam? There was also this guy that wanted to rid the world of the Jewish people. I think he ordered the deaths of over 6 million Jews?

There have been over 55 million children killed in the womb “by choice” since 1973 in the United States of America. One could argue that this could be the largest war America has ever been in. A war conducted in the shadows, behind the scenes, all the while creating a fortune for all those involved, except for the mother and the dead baby. The mother will deal with the guilt of her decision for her entire life. The baby, well, it didn't get a choice.

I look over the rest of the van as I continue north in traffic. I'm pretty sure there are over two dozen bumper stickers on this thing. You can't imagine what the majority of the rest of them are “advertising”? Almost every democrat that ran for office in Wisconsin since 2000, Obama 2008, 2012 and the token global warming rant rounded out the mosaic.

I have to see who is driving this! Before I see the driver my heart fell when I see what is swinging from the rear view mirror. It's a cross. This is a traveling billboard for liberal Christianity!

Let us review so we can see the confusion others see from “Christians” as we go through our days on this earth.

1. Kids are good.
2. Abortion is good too. (It's a choice)
3. I vote for only Democrats (they like kids and think abortion is good too)
4. War is no good.
5. I'm a Christian.

As Paul states with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.” (2 Timothy 3:16-17) So we can see that ALL Scripture is good. As God is the only one who is good. (Mark 10:18) If you are a Christian, I don't see how you can not believe the Word of God is absolute truth.

I hurt for the woman driving this van. I do not understand a “Christian” that values what God hates. How much does God value children? Luke 17:2 gives us a glimpse. “It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea than that he should cause one of these little ones to sin.” Similar verses are found in Matthew 18:6 and Mark 9:42 as well.

God values children greatly with a love we can not imagine. Abortion does not value children in any form. The Democratic Party platform values abortion.

Can a person who calls themselves a Democrat be Christian? Are they walking contradictions?

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